Homes Staged Right

Staging doesn’t work if it’s overdone and distracting; rather, it’s about creating harmony with the house. Each step in our process is thoughtfully planned. Here’s what you can expect when working with Tyler and her design team:

1) We begin with a walk-through of the property where we:

• consider the property style, location
and target audience.
• discuss how the property is to be listed
and which rooms to stage.
• measure and assess furniture scale
and placement.
• look at features to enhance as well
as those to minimize.
• review logistics, such as move-in procedures.

2) Next we submit a written proposal that includes our scope of work, fees and terms and conditions.

3) Upon receipt of a signed contract and deposit, the staging date is secured and full design services commence.

4) With a furniture style already established at the walk-through, our design process continues with the choice of an anchor piece for each room, which we then build around. We also select an inspiration piece—a striking rug or a piece of original artwork—to help inform our design and give each room personality and warmth. Overall, we strive for a cohesive look and seamless room-to-room transitions.

5) Finally, we create inventory sheets as our check list for load-in and load-out. Staging will take 1-2 days depending upon the size of the property.