Benefits of Staging

The benefits of staging your house far outweigh the costs associated with hiring a professional stager.

• Staged homes keep potential buyers looking around your house for a longer period of time, increasing the likelihood of a sale.

• A staged home is less likely to be passed by in a virtual online tour.

• Staging your home and making minor repairs gives the impression that you have maintained your house, reducing “red-flag” moments.

• Staged homes look bigger because furniture gives scale to a room.

• Staging helps justify the asking price by positioning the home more favorably in the buyer's mind.

• Staging forces you to de-clutter, allowing a buyer to focus on the features of your house rather than getting overwhelmed by your personal possessions. 

"With the advent of virtual tours, how a home appears online is just as important as how it appears in person. With Tyler's staging it looks fantastic in both! "

Joseph H, Real estate broker